Equine photoshoots are kept informal and fun to keep you and your horses feeling as relaxed as possible. They are held on location, whether at your yard, a local woodland or estate, and we will use the beauty of the countryside to compliment your photos.

Photoshoots usually last anything from one to two hours. I am completely flexible on time so they can last as long as you like. I will meet you at a location of your choice. Working with the ideas you have, I take a wide range of photographs of you and your horse, such as in-hand portraits, horse portraits and jumping photos, as well as photos of your horse at liberty in their field.

I will edit the photos from each individual session and usually edit them down to a final of around 30 to 50 photos. I will send you a link to a private, password protected, gallery so you can pick your favourites.

Once you've chosen you are free to pick them up or I can post them on a DVD to you. Prices start from £100 depending on the location, time, etc. Please contact me for a customised quote for your equine requirements using the contact form.

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